• Q: Why Vacuum Package?

    Exposure to air is called oxidation and causes fresh foods to spoil, cause freezer burn, mould, stale foods and rancid fats and oils. Our food vacuum sealers remove air and seal in the flavor and quality.

  • Q: How can you save money?

    By vacuum packaging your foods last longer, so you throw away less. You can buy lower-priced bulk quantities and re-package at home into smaller portions exactly the size you want. Leftovers will stay fresh in the freezer for several months.

    We recommend buying from farmers’ markets for fresh produce, and also those tasty home-made jams, pickles and dried goods, or check with your local supermarket for when they reduce fresh foods, and if you try to buy locally you’ll save on transportation costs.

  • Q: How do you save time?

    You’ll make fewer trips to the grocery store because foods will last longer under vacuum seal. Why not cook several portions when you have time and vacuum package them into single servings in a bag. You can also marinate meat and fish in minutes instead of hours.



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