Sea-maid Automatic Vacuum Seal Container (1L,1.5L, 2L , Clear)

Sea-maid  Automatic Vacuum Seal Container (1L,1.5L, 2L , Clear)


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Sea-maid  Automatic Vacuum Seal Container (1L,1.5L, 2L , Clear)

Food Storage Solutions
Sea-maid ’s line of vacuum sealable containers are specially designed to extend the length of time stored food stays fresh. The patented, removable Sea-maid -Vac motor offers versatility and piece of mind. Sea-maid’s food storage containers are made of clear and hard polystyrene, ensuring a high quality and scratch resistant finish.
Easy one touch operation
Keeps food fresher for longer
Durable scratch, stain and odor resistant
Automatic pressurization

One Sea-maid Vac Seals All
The Sea-maid Vac can be removed and used to seal multiple Sea-maid storage container lids without having to purchase additional Sea-maid Vacs.

Lock / Unlock Switch
A built-in lock and unlock switch both seals in freshness and acts as a child-proofing mechanism for storing medications or goods.

Automatic Pressurization
Once the container is pressurized, the Sea-maid Vac will automatically deactivate.

Month / Day Dial Tracker
Independently settable dials for tracking food storage dates.

Sea-maid 1.5 Liter Container
Sea-maid containers come in multiple sizes and are conveniently stackable, scratch-proof and highly durable

Sea-maid Chef Lid
Sea-maid Chef lids are equipped with a date dial so there’s never a question of when food was sealed. The built-in air pressure indicator rises and falls to represent internal air pressure.

Sea-maid 1.5 Liter Container
The Sea-maid system of vacuum sealed containers offers an easy and effective way to store your dry foods longer while maintaining their peak freshness.

Stylish Design
The stylish design of Sea-maid’s containers makes it an essential component of the modern kitchen.

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