Wholesale newest 6L stainess steel tank sous wide cooker with Precise Temperature Control

Wholesale newest 6L stainess steel tank sous wide cooker with Precise Temperature Control


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        Wholesale newest 6L stainess steel tank sous wide cooker with Precise Temperature Control

Specification Table:

Model Number and Tank Size

SVQ-6LA ( Stainless steel tank)

Length internal(mm)


Width internal (mm)


Depth Internal (mm)




-5 to +5oC

Unit Dimension and Net Weight

430mmL x 230mmW x 315mmH, 3.5 kgs

Heat Setting

30-85oC Degree Celsius with LED display

Digital Timer

0-30 hours + 0-59 minutes with LED display

Handle and Lid



110-120V or 220-240V

Power Consumption

500watt Peak

Pre-set Program:

8 ( P1 to P8)

Common Parts included

Power Cord and User Guide

Optional Parts ( extra order)

Stainless steel basket, stainless steel rack

Usage and Benefit:

1.SousVide Cook: a modern life style cooking, by cooking food in vacuum sealed pouches, submerged in hot water bath held at a precisely controlled temperature. Cook Steak, Vegetables, Eggs, Chicken breasts with benefits:

①Gourmet taste – Captures the real taste and flavor, and keep nutritional value

②Vacuum Pouch retains natural juices and nutrients.

③Time saving, Low Energy consumption

④Easy use and Clean way cooking

2.Product Features:

①Stainless steel case and tank-Ready to be used any time, durable and easy to clean

②Comprehensive control keys with Touch sensitive high class feeling button

③Clear LED display, one-glance for all working condition

④Sophisticated position of heater to ensure even heated temperature.

⑤Sharp sensor and quick response to keep ±0.5-1 degree deviation of temperature

⑥8 pre-set programs to store frequent used cooking setting

⑦International standard food grade materials and safety approval

⑧Selected heating element for long time working, but low energy consumption

⑨Sunglasses like transparent lid delivers smart image

⑩Elegant & Stylish outlook

How to use :

1.Temperature Setting (Upper)

       Actual  Temperature  is  shown  when machine is power on. Press Up and Down  to  set  wanted  temperature. Then press Go/Stop to start Sous Vide Cook.  When  Blue  light  is  blinding, that means heating is in process. When Set Temp is level with Actual Temp,heating  stops  automatically. Green   light   is   turned   off.   When temperature   is   dropped   than   Set temperature,heating is resumed immediately, so heating   is auto-balance at Set Temperature.

A-mode (Adjust/Manual-calibration): When this function is activated, DOT indictor is shown at the left bottom of Set Temp display window.

2.Timer setting ( Lower)

Press “Hour” to set rotationally for hour.

Press “Minute”to set rotationally for minute.

When timer is auto-stop, last setting is resumed.

3.A Mode(Upper)

Adjust / Manual calibration for temperature deviation

This button is to manually increase or decrease reading of actual temperature, to make display data be accurate. Press+Hold this button to show A, press Up or Down to adjust. Then Press+Hold this button again to confirm adjustment.

4.Preset Programming (P)

Press to show P1, set Temperature and Timer, Press SousVide Go/Stop can memorize this setting and start operation at the same time. Or press again to show P2, repeat to set from P1-P8.

 5.SousVide Function : (Upper)

After water is filled upto rim-line, more water will achieve higher level of accuracy of display temperature. When temperature and timer settings are done, press this Go/Stop to start SousVide

cook. Blue light at left side of timer will be “Blinding” and timer light is turned on, timer starts counting down. When it is Auto-Stop, 3 seconds Beep will be sounded.

6.Power On/Off

After plug-in power, LED light will on turned on. Or if in standby power condition (cable unplug), touch this button to switch on and LED display is lighted up.To switch Off, Press and HOLD:3 seconds.

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